BY: Leonardo Cardenas
February 24, 2014

Venus was discovered by:

Jeremiah Horrock's and Maximillian Hoi

Position in the Solar System:

Distance from the Sun:

67,000,000 miles (108,209,000 kilometers)

Planet Size, Diameter & Surface:

Venus is close to the size of earth but it is a little bit smaller.

The diameter is 7,521 miles (12, 104 km).

The surface is made up of rocks, craters, volcanoes, lava plains.

Inside the planet Venus

Temperature Range:

The temperatures are up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. It's really hot!

Length of day (rotation):

One day on Venus is 243 days on Earth

Length of year (revolution):

The year is shorter on Venus than on Earth. It is only 225 days.

It has no moons or rings and other interesting facts:

Mercury and Venus are the only two planets that do not have moons.

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