Useful Apps For Creating Expert Scientists

Audioboo - A podcast recording app. After researching international climate patterns, science students could divide into groups and record a news podcast that can be broadcast to the school.

Videoliscious - A video recording app. After learning how to conduct a scientific study, science students can record a vide of their experiment. Students will demonstrate a step-by-step process that is logical and intended for students younger then themselves. This experiment can apply to chemistry, data collection, biology, and any other science experiment,

Mobl21 - A resource that allows students to create flashcards. If students do not have paper, this app could be used to create flashcards to learn scientific definitions in preparation for a quiz or a test.

Fotobabble App - A picture app. For a chemistry lesson, students can take a picture of a molecule that interests them. The picture can be of the nomenclature name, Lewis Diagram, or a coloured picture of the molecule. Students can then share this picture with the class or in smaller groups, describing the picture and the nature of the molecule.

Science Game - a game app that encompasses a wide variety of games that explore various scientific concepts. At the beginning of a unit, students will be given time to play the games associated with the unit. For example, in a magnetism unit, students can play these various games. This will create an initial exposure to the content, and likely, students will develop a curiosity for the subject matter, leading to questions and a readiness to explore the unit.

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