Hominids: Doubly Wise Man
by Germaine Plegaria

The latin name for the Doubly Wise Man is Homo Sapiens Sapiens.The nickname is Doubly Wise Man. The nickname of my hominid is Doubly Wise Man.

The Doubly Wise Man had high rounded skulls. The Doubly Wise Man also had large brain. The Doubly Wise Man had small teeth. Doubly Wise Man had very slender bones. If you would describe a Doubly Wise Man, they would be very skinny and smart.

The Doubly Wise Man had the ability of creating better tools, shelter, and clothing. The tools he used was attached thin blades to bones, antlers, stones to create wide variety of tools, needles to sew animal skins together, and spears to catch fish. .

The special ability the Doubly Wise Man was to create better tools, shelter, and clothing for their hominid group. Their special capabilities helped their group survived because their ability to create tools. To build shelters to live in. Also to sew clothes for wearing.

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