Rare Respiratory Disease Spreading in the United States

Story Summary:            

     A rare respiratory disease, enterovirus 68, has spread to many states including Virginia and Pennsylvania. These states are very close to Maryland and might have already infected Maryland. There are 153 confirmed cases in the US and the CDC says many more people are probably infected with the virus. Enterovirus 68 can cause severe respiratory problems. These enteroviruses are very common with 10 to 15 million cases a year, and the most common seasons for these are summer and fall so this didn't suprise the CDC.

Ideals that Relate to the Article:

Right and Liberty are in the article.

        The author who publish had freedom of press and could write this article and publish it in the Washington Post. CDC has the liberty to pursue these strange virus cases and can hopefully contain it or at least keep the cases minimal until winter.

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