Auto Lights in Cooperation with Ford Fusion and Maserati Ghibli


A new Ghibli was presented by Maserati 3 years ago and since that time it stayed without any changes. But as it was announced, Maserati is going to experience a front and rear facelift.

Changes will be mostly focused on grills and headlamps. Now the lights are going to be supplied with a chrome tap lights or aluminum ones. These running lights and lighting will be separated from each other with a curve that goes up, while other highlights usually go down. On top of that, grille is now more round-shaped, and resembles those oval ones of Maserati of the 2000s.

The rear bumper underwent some changes, but unluckily, because of huge black diaper the transformation is not revealed. All the rest changes did not influence much the car’s appearance.


Ford has always been considered to be the car of midsize sedan. The year of its introduction into model year was 2013, but by the end of 2017 the model is expected to be refreshed. Because, even if you produce the most appealing designs, there appears new and fresher variants of the car look. This is a reality of an automotive world.

So, after changes undergoing, only a camouflage modicum and the designer light readjust are clearly seen. The grille hasn’t changed, but for the fogs lights there were some restyling changes done. The circular pipes are meant there for a test. It is worth to take a look at taillights.

It doesn’t seem that monumental transformations are going to happen with the Ford Fusion’s look on the whole. Anyway, the refreshed look of it is worth seeing.


As for auto lights for both of these vehicles, it is considered to be an absolute offset functionality & value. Ford and Maserati car enthusiasts have the possibility to replace their incandescent bulbs into durable and bright LED lights4less, just on the reason they are cheap, simple to use, have a modern look and are one-of-a-kind. LED lighting 4 less is very simple to install.

On top of that, auto lights are very resistant to any damage and vibration. Service period of these auto lights is prolonged with thermal control; this also increases functional period of auto lights. The power of it is absolutely immediate.