Argentina By: Selma Khalil

Basic Facts

It's official name is Argentina Republic.

Argentina has a population of over 4 million people.

The currency of Argentina is Pesos.

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires.

Argentina national language is Spanish.

Argentina's neighboring countries are Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Bravil.


Famous Places

Buenos Aires

San Carlos de Bariloche


Villa La Angostura

Local Expressions

Che= Friend

Se armo un quilombo:   It was a disaster

Vos sabes: You know?

Food and Drink

A traditional drink of Argentina is "mate"

“Chimichurri” is a sauce made from herbs, garlic and vinegar is a common condiment to barbecued meats.

Weather and Climate

The weather in Argentina can vary from the extreme heat of the northern regions, through the pleasant climate of the central pampas, to the sub Antarctic cold of Patagonia’s glacial regions. Throughout the country January is the warmest while June and July are the coldest.


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Hi Selma!
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