The tittle of my carrer was a hair stylist. Her typical day is washing and cutting people hair .  She need a high school diploma and need to no how to do math real good because she have to measure the die or no how much to put in . She need to be a people person and work well and be patient . You need math skills and reading skills . She learned math skills that helps her everyday at her job. she learned reading skills to because she have to read  the stuff she put in people heads . She enjoys doing people hair and doing a good job on it .

George Mclain he is a car seller . His typical day is talking to folks and persuade people to buy his cars. He need a high school diploma . He enjoys talking to people and telling people about the cars .You need to be a people person to be a car seller because different people come in everyday talking to you and you got to be a people person to talk to them . You got to have patient because when you are telling people about there car and they got to think if you wanna buy it you gotta have patient to wait for there choice.