Sinorock has focus on manufacturing soil nails many years

Sinorock has focus on manufacturing soil nails many years.

Sinorock management and staff have many years experience in the foundation and ground improvement industry from both China and our parent company and are adept at applying their knowledge and expertise to provide innovative solutions to the many geotechnical challenges you may have.
Sinorock is committed to building relationships with its customers for the long term and emphasis focused on;
Fair dealing
Open and honest exchange
Mutual trust and cooperation
Providing cost effective solutions on time and within budget
Safety First Culture
High standards of Quality & Environmental Management
Sinorock‘s core values are encapsulated in the word ‘LIFE’. In all we do, Sinorock’s people put ‘LIFE’ into the projects that they undertake, giving them strength, stability, security and the power to grow from our solid foundations.
The values of LIFE, in the context of Sinorock are described as follows:
Loyalty and Reliability, especially when it comes to delivering quality services
Integrity and Commitment, in order to remain consistent and dependable at all times
Foresight and Innovation, to be at the forefront of technology
Excellence and Achievement, in order to be the best in all that we do
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