5 Great Mobile Apps for the Classroom

By: Nicole Evernden


Dropbox is a great app suited best for older students who are doing more cooperative work. It allows multiple people to share assignments without having to continuously email back and forth.


Kidblog is an easy to use blogging app geared at middle school students. It has great privacy settings only allowing the teacher and class to view the blogs.


Storia is a great virtual library for your classroom. It is an eReader app that allows students to highlight and take notes along with the story. It also has audio and visual dictionaries that could be useful for many different learning types.

Popplet Lite

This is a great app for any age. It allows you to plan, organize, create mind maps and more for projects, essays, stories and so on. It is an easy to use app that can help anyone organize their ideas.


This app and website is a bit complicated to use so it would be better for older students but once you figure it out your assignments and presentations look awesome! You can add pictures, text and videos, then organize specific pathways in which it shows up on the screen.

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