Eruopean Exploration Proposal

By, Nolan Crumley

Dear King Philip The II, I have so many reasons for me to be sent to the new world then the other sailors and I would like to share them with you.

As you can see the King of Spain, this map shows that new world has lots of land to claim. If I were to be chosen for this trip I would claim the spot named on the map as New Mexico in the search of gold, a suitable place for a colony, and a overland route from the Atlantic to this area. thing I would try to find for myself would be gold, silver, trade, and spices. I would search for these thing to create more for you and me.  I could be trusted for this task since I come from your homeland in the city of Madrid. The trip would take place in the year of 1542.

The only main competitors for the new world land would be England and France. They wont be that much trouble though because they like exploring the land along the coast. Also they would be trying to get resources like spices, fur, gold, a route to India, and other natural resources like sliver. If I were to run into the French or the English I would try to establish peace with them and make a border line between our conquered land. If I saw any Native Americans I would try to trade with them and make peace. Also I would try to teach them the ways of Christianity.  

During this trip their are going to be many dangers. Some of them might be conflict with the other counties, sickness, food depletion, heavy storm surges, and getting lost. To prevent this dangers I would establish peace with the other counties, bring a medic along to prevent sickness,  bring extra supplies, reinforce my ship, and bring a star reader/ map reader to help get to the destination.  


If I were to go on this trip I will make sure you will be drowning in gold and sliver!!!

Plan B: If I were not to reach New Mexico, I will explore the land named on the map as Texas in search of the same resources.

So may I please go my king???? ; )


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