Email Tips

By:Yazmin Vera

1. Be concise and to the point: Which means that if you are going to say something you have to say what it means

2. Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation: You always have to check your spellin and grammer so it is understandable

3. Do not attach unnecessary files: You should never attach unnecessary files because people could might get the wrong idea

4. Do not write all in CAPITALS: Do not ever write in CAPITALS because people coulde think you are screaming at them

5. Always include your name in the subject: You should always include your name in things you send because if you don't people won't know who you are

6. Mind your manners: You should always mind your manners because you don't know what the people you are texting or emailing could do to you

7. Write in a positive tone: You should always write in a positive tone so people think you are nice

8. Avoid using negative words: So people won't get hurt

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