Sunset in Niger


Travel to Niger

Niger is a warm and beautiful country located at 13.5333 degrees north, and at 2.0833 degrees east. Niger is surrounded by other countries, such as, Nigeria, Benin, Burka Faso, Mali, Algeria, Libya, and Chad. Niger has tremendous heat, and very little rain and humidity. Major bodies of water include Lake Chad, Niger River, Goulbi de Mardi River, and the Dallol Maouri, and Dallol Bosso Rivers. Major cities include Agadez, pop.78 289, Arlit, pop.69 435, Maradi, pop. 148 017, and Niamey clocking in with a population of 730 002 people.   

Cuisine includes pizza, black eyed peas, beans, onion, fried chicken, and rice. There is one major festival that occurs every year in September. This festival is called Gerewol. It includes traditional music, dancing, and FOOD.

The most popular music in Niger is rap. There are lots of up-and coming Nigerian rap artists such as Oro-money, and  Nigerian rap/music is normally performed in French, and is heartwarming music about personal experiences.

Since Niger has a stable government, there is only one major issue in Niger. That is the alarming rate of growth in population. Niger is affordable to live in, and that means that lots of African people are immigrating for a better, cheaper life in Niger.

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