Internet Safety

Be safe on the internet

By RJ Wren

                            Here are some tips to being safe on and off the internet.

1. Don't meet people that you don't know.

  • You never how what they are actually like they might bad things in mind.

2.Never give any kind of personal information not even your real name

  • They might try to do bad things to you or your property.

3.Always have your parents involved somehow.

  • You should always ask or tell your parents about it even if you think you know what they're going to say.

4. You never know what the're saying is true.

  • The reason its can be dangerous online is because you can never tell if they are lying or not

5. You don't know what kind of person they are

  • You don't know what they are really like they could be somebody completely different from who they are online

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