Modest is Misunderstood-est

Working to dispel the idea that women and girls are solely responsible for sexual purity in thought

"Modest is hottest!"

So goes the idiom.  It's theory.  But what are young teenage girls taught?  They are taught that they must cover their bodies in order to prevent teenage boys from being tempted.  Are teenage boys taught to control their own thoughts?  I don't know...I was never a teenage boy.

But the message I see over and over again is for girls, women, to cover up, lest they be seen as easy or having loose standards.  Is it any wonder, then, that body image issues are endemic to the female population of our country, and perhaps even the world at large?

The Modesty Mantra itself is contradictory.  If we accept the idea that modesty is the female's responsibility, in order to prevent temptation to the male, then why on earth would we want the female to be "hot?"  Doesn't "hotness" tempt, or is that not a thing anymore?

On this blog/Tackk, I would like to keep a collection, a running list, of blog posts, news articles, and websites I find that relate to discussions of modesty, teenagers, objectification, and other germane topics.

To start, here's this, from Q Ideas, which of course made me think of The Princess Bride.  (Note: I'm not familiar with Q Ideas, and this is not an endorsement of their site.  I simply agreed with and appreciated this article.)

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