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Hairstylists and cosmetologists wash, cut, color, perm, and style customers' hair. Cosmetologists also apply makeup.

Hairstylist and cosmetologist jobs vary depending on the size and type of salon where they work. Some salons may only do hairstyles. Larger salons may hire manicurists to do nails only and leave the rest to cosmetologists. See the occupation description "Manicurists" in CIS for more information.

Hairstylists and cosmetologists must keep their work areas clean. After each customer, they sweep the floor around the chair. They also wash the combs and any other tools used. They make appointments and keep records of the products their customers use. Some workers sell hair products or makeup supplies. Those who own or manage salons order supplies, pay bills, keep records, and hire employees.

Hairstylists and cosmetologists share many duties, but some duties vary

Skills and Interests

Need to be able to listen to others, understand, and ask questions, express ideas clearly when speaking or writing, read and understand written information, think of new ideas or original and creative ways to solve problems, understand new information or materials by studying and working with them, analyze ideas and use logic to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and concentrate and not be distracted while performing a task.

Working Conditions

Work condition have a high level of contact with customers and staff. They are constantly communicating by telephone or in person. They have to sometimes deal with angry or unpleasant people. Customers are sometimes dissatisfied with hair or facial treatments. They often work in a group or as part of a team.

Wages and Outlooks

Pay varies by the hairstylist's experience and the range of services they provide. The number of customers they attract and hold also affects wages. In addition, pay varies by how much customers tip. Some hairstylists and cosmetologists receive a portion of money from the products they sell. In some salons, employees are paid bonuses for bringing in new clients.

Some salons offer benefits for full-time employees. These may include sick leave, paid vacation, and health insurance. However, many hairstylists and cosmetologists are self-employed or work part time. These workers must provide their own insurance.


Salary> $18,880

Related Occupations

Some of the occupations that are related to this career are as follows:

  • makeup artist
  • barber
  • embalmer
  • manicurist
  • skin care

Career Program of Study


Cosmetology and hair design prepare people to provide beauty services to customers. They do many different types of things. Some of these things include Hair cutting and styling, manicures and pedicures, facial treatments, salon management, sanitation and safety, and customer service.


In order to get addmitted into this career program, you need a high school diploma or GED. You also need to take a test of basic adult education. After that, you will recieve an interview and get admitted.

Typical Course Work

Typical course work in this career program include:

  • bacteriology
  • barbering techniques
  • hair design
  • hair coloring

Related Program

Related Programs include:

  • Fashion design
  • personal services
  • barbering
  • modeling

Schools that offer this program

Minnesota West

Size and Location

Minnesota West is located in Jackson, MN. The size of the town is approxiametly 3,501. It is a co-ed school. The closest metropolitan city is Worthington, MN. Jackson, MN is a small town, very rural. This school is a 2 year college.

Admission Requirments

The deadline for applications is rolling. This means that there is a large window of time for applicants to apply. The only test required for admission is the accuplacer. On average, students scored 18-23 on the ACT test. The average GPA was 2.75. Most of the students attending this school were in the top 50% of their class.

College Expenses

In order to attend this school, the tuition, room, and board estimated cost is around 5,661 dollars. The application fee is 20 dollars.

Financial Aid

The deadline to apply for financial aid is June 1st. The requirements for this application include the FAFSA and the SAR. The scholarships available at this school vary.


The only houses avaliable at this school are off-campus housing.


Some activites that i found that this school has in many different sports.

  • Basketball (div 3)
  • Softball (div 3)
  • Volleyball (div 3 )

Plans to Reach Your Goal

In order to reach my goal of being a cosmetologist i think there are many things that i could do. One way i could get to this goal is by doing an internship. This way, i could learn about the career, and what the environment is like. I could also get a part time job. Some of the salons around here offer jobs as front desk. If i were to do this, i could spend time with stylists and see about the job. There are many other ways that i could learn more about this job, such as work study, volunteering, and service learning, but i think that a part time job and an internship interest me the most.

Informational Interview

I think that i would really enjoy being a stylist. The job, and the environment seems like something i would really enjoy. I learned a lot about the career of cosmetology. One thing that i learned is that you never know before you get a job what your schedule will be. I really like that your hours are flexible. I didn't like that if you work with girls, there is usually drama. One advantage i learned about this career is that you are always learning new styles, and techniques. A disadvantage is that you have to work under someone for around 2 years before you can become a manager. Advice that i received is to take extra education, before you become a manager. I learned another job to consider would be a secretary. I really liked the work environment. I think that it is calm, and relaxed and it matches my personality. I think that i would be very happy in this career. Everything that i learned matches my personality.

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