Educational Apps

Mobile Apps for use in a Classroom


This app is available from the Apple app store, or comes free with iPads. It allows users to create presentations complete with graphics, video, sound and more. This would be excellent to use in a classroom, as it would be a way to allow students to present a project, that lets them use their creativity and showcases their knowledge.


The app subtext allows students to access eBooks from any mobile device. However, it also has a few key features that would be helpful for new readers, ESL students, or those who struggle with reading. It also can speak any eBook downloaded to the app, from the whole book, down to highlighting and reading a single word. It allows students to hear how words are pronounced and have the experience of reading, even if they struggle.


The app "Mindmeister" allows students to create mind maps from an iPad or laptop. From different bubbles and shapes to arrows with labels, mindmeister has all the necessary tools to create an excellent mind map. This could be a great assessment tool in a classroom, as it would allow teachers to see how a student can connect different topics together, and what they grasp as important from the course content.


The app Geddit allows teachers to see what students are understanding, and what they are not, through an online polling system. This system creates a class roster, and shows teachers student by student who is grasping the lesson, and who is not, through the questions and answers the teacher can input into Geddit. This would be an excellent tool to use at the end of a lesson, so you can see who has understood, and who hasn't. If the majority of the class is having difficulty, then you know to spend more time on this concept, or who to go to to offer extra help.


The app iStudiez is available for use on iPads for a small price of $2.99. It allows students to keep track of all of their classes in one space - from homework due dates to their course progress. If students input the weights of different tests, it also allows them to know where they are currently sitting in terms of grades. This would be a useful tool to advocate in junior high, where they are beginning to have to keep track of assignments and grades on their own.

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