Madrid is located in the middle of Spain. Madrid is a big, busy city and it's a capital of Spain and has more than three million inhabitants from all world.

The history of Madrid goes back thousands of years. There are several theories of "Madrid" name origin. One of them was that Madrid was found by a man named Ocno Biano. He was a son of a king Tyrrhenius. One of the oldest buildings is Puerta de Alcalá witch is built in 1778. Also there is a street named Calle de Alcalá and it's the longest street in the Madrid. It's 10.5 km long.

Like in many cities, transport is one of the biggest problems. Madrid is the center of all highways and that is the reason why Madrid got a big traffic. This is the cause why sometimes quicker is going by foot or use metro or bus, not your own car. Sometimes metro is the fastest way to get somewhere, because metro don't have any traffic lights and there can't be any traffic jam.

Madrid is a popular place where tourists like to go. One of the reasons of that is warm weather. Marid is a busy place, but in the same time it's a place where you can relax. Famous place where tourists like to go is Retiro Park. This park is the best known park in Madrid. It takes 120 hectares of land in the center of Madrid. Madrid is full of historical buildings. The most popular are Carrión Building, Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Telefónica Building.

In shot, Madrid is a beautiful, historical city with something interesting for all ages. It's really worth it and i hope I'll go there soon.

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