4-5 Year Olds

With a toddler growing fast, 4 to 5 year olds are sort of blended together when it come to milestones.

Physical Development

In a 4-5 year-old, he or she will most likely be able to stand up on 1 foot for 10 seconds or longer, easily walk up and down stairs, and do about everything on their tip-toes.

Gross Motor Skill

Now, kids around this age are using their gross motor skills all the time. Some of the gross motor skills that are in the 4-5 milestones include swinging and climbing, tricycle riding, and of course hopping and somersaulting. *TIP* Okay, playing with your toddler is really important. Going to the park and walks are a great way to help develop Gross Motor Skills.

Fine Motor Skill

Kids use their little fingers a bunch. At ages 4-5 your kiddo will be drawing little stick figure people, threading beads, and drawing shapes. *TIP* Doing art is such a fun way to help with these skills using crayons, markers, and paint brushes. Puzzles and playing with blocks is also a fun idea, a lot less messier than pain.

Self-Help Skill

Everyone who has been around a toddler at this age knows that they are very independent and wants to do everything by themselves. That means it's a perfect time for these kids to learn how to take care of themselves. A 4-5 year old should be able to dress and undress themselves, use a fork and spoon, and can care for their toilet needs during the day.

Cognitive Skill

Toddlers are little sponges, learning all the time. A 4-5 year old will be able to correctly name 4 colors, understand time, and can speak over 2,000 words! *TIP*To help this skill develop, it's really important to read to them all the time. Doing this will help increase their vocabulary.

Language Comprehension

Be careful what you say around your cuties because at this age they can understand almost everything you say, they're capable of following directions, and understand words for order. (first, second, last) *TIP* To help this skill develop, you should speak clearly to your toddler, using no baby talk.

Expressive Language

It's always fun to listen to toddlers tell stories because at 4-5 years old they speak will long sentences that will last longer than 5 words and can use past/future tense. At this age, they can also say their name and address.

Math Skill

Your toddlers should be able to count 10 or more objects, identify coins, and know their phone number at 4-5 years. *TIP* You can always help them develop these skills by counting not only money, but everything that can be counted. Don't force them, but make it a fun game they'll want to play.

Social Development

*TIP* It's very important you don't keep your kids in front of the T.V all the time because it can hurt their social skills. You should have over other little kids to help your toddler with development. Starting Kindergarten can be scary but this skill will help your kiddo a bunch. At 4-5 years old a toddler  should want to sing, dance, act, please people, and be like others. *TIP*Encourage your child's play.

Emotional Development

Toddlers personalities are unique but they all go through stages. At about 4 or 5 your kiddo will show a bunch of independence and be demanding, but is likely to agree to rules.

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