4 Types of Rental Furniture Pieces That Can Breath Life Into Any Room

Not all furniture is created equal. Some pieces are bold and dramatic. Others are so dull they threaten to lull you to sleep. These pieces boasts inherited appeal that gives them the ability to brighten up virtually any living space.

1. White Pieces

Having second thoughts about those dark purple walls? Luckily, you can call upon the simply effective white to right the ship. White furniture is capable of creating a warm and breezy atmosphere regardless of how much of a downer the wall color may be. Whether it's a stylish white sectional or simply a white slipcover over an old loveseat, the color white can work wonders.

2. Accent Furniture

Accent furniture in light finishes has similar brightening qualities. Storage-friendly coffee tables and ottomans are an excellent choice due to their ability to clear out clutter and open up space. Once everything is all nice and tidy with fewer items in view, the room will instantly breath a sigh of relief.

3. Oversized Ottomans

Speaking of ottomans, these versatile pieces take on all new life when presented in oversized packages. Even in darker shades, an oversized ottoman will generate a dramatic effect that livens up the room on first glance. With the right texture selection and accent touches, this piece easily becomes the focal point everyone pays attention to.

4. Simple Designs

Elaborate, ornately designed furniture is a joy to look at. Having said that, it may be best avoided when your goal is to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Instead, go with clean, simple pieces that encourage light to bounce off the surface and distribute warmth throughout the room.

A Little Goes a Long Way

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