Frederick Douglass

Writing Prompt

Learning how to cook  

In the Hmong  society , girl never had as much rights as the boy. And back in the old times, girl  and boy at age five started working on plantation to benefit and get money to support her family . Parents work hard too . If the family was big , some would go to work and some would stay to cook  and babysit . And those that babysit must learn how to cook, laundry, and etc. Even, now the culture still hang on. Now day life in the America some parents let their girl lack off , making excuses of homework and stuff. Not caring how to be a good daughter. But in my case, my parents still push me to do what  need to as a Hmong girl.

Here what I think of it. I'm learning how to cook , babysit, and good manner and etc. Technology , people hang on it too much spending hours and hours on it. I want to make my parents proud. (: And I'm going to show them that all they taught me, are all for my own goods. Especially mom, she give birth to twelve of us, my five brothers and six sisters including myself. She in her early 50 nows and I want to make her enjoy life. My mom is everything to my world. And I'm doing everything to make her happy. My mom the best. ❤️

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