Job Purpose

Create visual images for a wide range of creative, technical, and documentary purpose.

Job Duties

  • Work to a brief set by a client or employer.
  • Works with clients to discuss the image they require.
  • Carries out research and preparation for shoot.
  • Works in different places for right setting for image.



  • To be a photographer you need to be able to work technical equipment such as cameras, lighting, lenses and a specialist software.
  • They need to be able to Manage the processing and use of the image, fix technical errors, check for quality and meet clients demand.
  • Be able to digitally enhance, filter, and crop pictures.


  • Needs to be at least a high school graduate.


  • Marketing.
  • Technology.
  • People skills.
  • Work a camera.
  • Be able to fulfill the clients need with no question.


  • Needs to be an artistic, kind person who works good with people.

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