The Culinary Institute of America

Let's Go Steels!

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College and Mascot

The Culinary Institute of America

The Mascot: They are known as the Steels.

School History & Origin

It all started with two women who had a dream to open a school for kids who wanted to study culinary arts. Frances Ruth, Connecticut-based attorney, had never worked in a restaurant she knew she wanted to create a school that would become "the culinary center of the nation." Co-founder Katherine Angell made this dream turn into a vision for educating chefs. In 1946, New Haven Restaurant Institute opened and at the time it was the only college of its kind. In 1951, after having two names, they finally decided on a name that has stuck with it since. After that the school became bigger and more well known, now they have over 48,000 alumni serving the profession they studied and representing the CIA education.

"Fight Song"

Admission Requirements

1. You need to meet all the requirements in order to get a High School diploma.

2. You need one or more letters of recommendations, it all depends on what courses you planning on taking.

3. You will need to take a test to see what levels you can begin your classes at.

4. You either need six months of work experience with a non-fast food restaurant

Student Life

They have many things to attract students to its college, not only is it an arts college it includes sports, clubs, and plenty of fun activities and events that involve the student body. It is a great college experience and wonderful atmosphere to be apart of.


The tuition to attend this college if out of state or instate is the same, $37,950 per year.

Degree Plan

Requirements for a degree:


Course Credits Culinary Math1.5 credits

Externship Prep Seminar I Non-Credit Externship Prep Seminar IINon-CreditFood Safety*1.5 credits

Professionalism and Life Skills1.5 credits

Introduction to Gastronomy1.5 credits

Nutrition1.5 credits

Product Knowledge1.5 credits 

Culinary Fundamentals*6 credits

        Total Credits: 15        


CourseCreditsIntroduction to Management1.5 credits

Meat Identification, Fabrication, and Utilization1.5 credits

Seafood Identification and Fabrication1.5 credits

Modern Banquet Cookery 3 credits

Introduction to À la Carte Cooking 3 credits

High-Volume Production Cookery 3 credits

Culinary Practical Examination INon-CreditExternship Prep Seminar IIINon-CreditCollege Writing or College Writing for ELLs (English Language Learners) 3 credits

                        Total Credits: 16.5                    

EXTERNSHIPCourseCreditsExternship (Culinary Arts)3 credits Total Credits: 3


Course Credits Baking and Pastry Skill Development 3 credits

Garde Manger 3 credits

Cuisines and Cultures of the Americas 3 credits

Controlling Costs and Purchasing Food 1.5 credits

Cuisines and Cultures of the Mediterranean 3 credits

Cuisines and Cultures of Asia 3 credits

Menu Development 1.5 credits

Introduction to Catering: Hospitality and Service Management 1.5 credits

        Total Credits: 19.5


CourseCreditsWine Studies 3 credits

Culinary Practical Examination IINon-CreditContemporary Restaurant Cooking 3 credits

Contemporary Hospitality and Service Management 3 credits

Formal Restaurant Cooking 3 credits

Formal Hospitality and Service Management 3 credits

Costing Examination Non-Credit

        Total Credits: 15



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