Hitlers Rise to Power

Under Wiemar Republic

Before the Weimar Republic:

Tons of soldiers deaths and others were wounded.

A lot of economic issues, resulting with some unemployment.

New groups started forming, such as: SPD, DDP, and CCP.

After the Weimar Republic was placed:

Very democratic

20 separate coalitions.

Political chaos broke out because people lost faith in the new system.

Treaty of Versailles

The Collapse of the Weimar Republic:

The Great Depression.

Wall street crash

Unemployment rates increased and industrial products fell.

Nazis and Communists thrived in the chaos.

Hitlers Come to Power

People were not pleased with the Treaty of Versailles. Caused bitterness.

No one was able to stop Hitler because of the crippled government.

Hitler had lots of financial support for his work.

Nazis made people believe Hitler was their only hope.

He promised everyone something.

Storm troopers started taking out those who were against him, and seen as unfit.

A montage of some of his inspirational speeches.

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