Southern Colonies

Where the cash crops grow

Are you tired of freezing in the cold winters and not being able to enjoy your day out in the nice weather? If this is you, come live in the southern colonies where it's warm and sunny.

The colonies of the Southern Colonies are Maryland,Virginia,North Carolina,South Carolina and Georgia. All of these colonies are on the cost so you can spend your day relaxing at the beach.

The soil is rich which allows them to grow lots of crops like tobacco,cotton and rice.The southern colonies industry(how they make money) was from exporting rice,timber,and cotton.The soil is rich so you will have an abundance of crops.The crops they farm and grow makes them lots of money and can do the same for you!

This  house is a southern style house. You can tell this because it has multiple stories and and has fire places at the end because it never gets that cold so you don't need the fire place in the middle of the house.Also you can open up the windows and let the breeze come in because the weather is so nice.Doesn't that look like a house you would want to live in ?

The climate of the southern colonies is warm and has the longest growing seasons so you will never be freezing, By having a long growing season then you can grow the items you want and always have food available.This also shows you the abundance of crop you can export/sell to make a living.

By: Camryn Harris