Madison Cowley
December 2014

About Chicago's History...

The neighborhood of Pilsen is seeking a role as the center of Mexican-American life.

Being just 3 short miles from downtown, Chicago, Pilsen has been a port-of-entry community for MORE than 130 years! Still today it is a gateway for Hispanics. Standing at 89% Hispanic and 37% non-citizen.

They are packed tight with modest cottages and flanked by a strong industrial district. The community was home to 44,031 people in 2000.

Now you know about Pilsen... what's going on in your neighborhood?

A little note...

Fun Fact: Pilsen is known for their Latino population, but also their murals!!!

In my neighborhood we have forest preserves. They have bike paths in them. There are a whole lot of shady trees. We also have an environmentally friendly playground.

We also have an ice cream shop called Rainbow Cone. It is only open during late spring and ALL summer. They have a special outdoor dining section. (The best part is...) WE GO THERE EVERY SCHOOL YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly but certainly not least, is our industrial district. Meijer, (grocery store) Michael's, (craft store) Menard's, (hardware store) Ross, (clothing store) and Classy Nails, (day spa) and Lane Bryant (women's clothing store). Also during the summer and early fall we have farmers markets every Thursday.

F.Y.I.: Our farmers market has hot-dogs, tamales, fresh popcorn, yummy herbs and spices, and slushie cones!

What is the history of YOUR neighborhood??

The Southside Irish parade was held here. They would dye the river green. The White Sox would wear special gear. The parade started in 1979 with kids cheering and bobbing flags up and down.

Did you know: After the kids did this, the parade grew ever since.

What ethnic groups settled in YOUR neighborhood?

Asians, Jewish, African-American (me!), and Latino. A good handful of us came from different places in Africa.

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