"If man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live."

Martin Luther King Jr Speech in Detroit 23rd June 1963.

About the Quote

Who? Martin Luther King, Jr.

When? June 23, 1963

Where? Cobo Hall in Detroit

What was the intention? Putting an end to segregation

What was the cause? Gather people to march and demand the end to segregation

Who was the intended audience? Mostly African-Americans who were sick of segregation

What was the reaction? Supportive and hungry for a change

Why is this quote important? This quote is very important in our civil rights history because it encouraged people to stand up against segregation and it started a big movement

Creates an attitude that makes people hungry and willing to fight for a change.

I believe before he says, “ he isn’t fit to live”, he created a slight pause for emphasis to show how serious he was and how much this cause meant to him.

I believe that the whole quote left a profound impact on everybody who experienced the speech in real life, along with everyone who has read the quote after the fact, because it is so powerful that a person didn’t even have to be at the speech itself to be impacted by it

Martin Luther King, Jr. uses smaller and less complicated words to get his point clear and get his points across. He wanted everybody to be impacted by this quote, whether they were five or eighty-five.

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