Hammurabi's Code

Jacob Banks

22 September 2016


The Hammurabi Code, dating to approximately 1754 BC, was a set of 282 laws. The code is most famous for its one law, "An eye for an eye." Hammurabi was a ruler in Babylon, Iraq from 1792 BC to 1750 BC.


Babylon, Iraq


Well, Hammurabi wanted new laws. So...he made some!

Well...Why Did Hammurabi Need Laws?

Hammurabi, smart guy, by the way; was not satisfied with the laws/rules that were in place. So he made 282 new and/or improved laws.

You dun goofed? Well, you have to fix it or buy an new one.

So say if you were a servant to someone, and you broke your master's bench. You would, say if you were had carpentry skills, you would be forced to build them a new bench of greater quality than that which you broke. If you did not possess the skills to build anew what you broke, you would be required to purchase a better item than what you broke.

Did it influence today's laws?

All forms of laws from anywhere, any time influence the making of laws. We learned from and by the laws that one experiences, and we pass those thoughts and experiences onto our kids, and that process repeats, and it happens with everyone. So, yes, it did influence today's laws, even if we can't directly pinpoint how or where.