My Income + Career Goal Investigation By: Dashaun Dunmeyer
Computer Science Class - Period 2
Description of My Search:

The results of my Vocational Choice Survey (A) showed that I am Unique, Artistic, and Social. According to the College and Career (AA) handout the three career choices I made were Athletic Trainer, A Bank Teller, and A Judge.

After negotiating with my two partners, I'm now looking a little closer towards becoming a Bank Teller. This is a link to the "Careership" link to the requirements for that career:


A teller is an employee of a bank who deals with mostly customers. While, in some places they're known to be a Cashier. To become a Teller most jobs require you to have cash handling experience and a high school diploma. Not to Mention, I'd need to be good in Math, and trustworthy enough.

The income levels for a Bank Teller are at the following link:

PA Bank Teller Income Levels