"YOU" are ...

There are times in which we feel down, neglected and forgotten. Times where light seemed to disappear, and all your hope is gone. We are all weak at some point, some may disagree, but no matter what they say and do, those weakness will not vanish unto thin air.

We may do wrong things, but those won't describe you as a whole. We may love the wrong person, but that would never make you a lesser person. And at times, we may do the stupidest things in our life, but those would never really make you as stupid as you think, for those actions just shows your dedication unto something. I've done a lot of stupid things in my life, I have done undoable mistakes in which now gives me regrets in every night of my sleep and every morning when I wake up, yet a thought woke up my mind into reality... The reality that even though in my mistakes, in all the unbearable pain that I have caused, I am still me, I still deserve respect, and I am still important not only to my family but to God himself.

Days once came to me like a raging storm. My tears admittedly fell like rain whenever I think of stuffs that were once mine, persons that once held me, and the things that we once both cherished. To love someone and give everything you can unto him/her is never stupidity, but it are better seen as sacrifices. To try and get that someone whom one means the world to you in any ways possible is never an idiotic decision, but an act of valor. To give all your heart unto something is never imprisoning yourself, but rather a way of showing and giving your love. To commit yourself to someone is never tying yourself in fear or away from decisions, but an act to show how much he/she really means to you.

I AM STUPID, yes I admit that, but stupid in a way that I'd do anything for the one I love, for my world, my princess, my only... Yet a day will come in which all stupidity will come to an end, and realize your worth. A day in which you'll stop chasing the things that once made you who you are and start seeing the persons that are ready to help you regain yourself. YOU are special, for in any situation someone would still be willing to love you, YOU are appreciated for in every act you do, there will always be someone to smile seeing you do it, and most importantly, YOU are important, for in every day, someone who cares about you truly will cherish you day by day even without you knowing. Now is the time to find that person, now is the time to set yourself free from guilt, and now is the time to see your own importance rather than the once who kept on ignoring you. We are all special in many ways, we just have to see it first ourselves and stop wishing for others to recognize it :)