8 MEH.2.2 The Decision making model

Step 1- State the situation

Marrie, a long time band student made the cheerleading team that cheers at the football games during halftime while the band plays. The coach says she has to drop band to do cheer and the band is going to disney world next year. What does she do?

Step 2- List the options
She can either be in band, and enjoy her time, and also go to disney world with them, or she can do cheerleading and cheer during the football games.

Step 3- weigh possible outcome
She can either play her instrument that she really enjoys and go to disney world with them or do cheerleading with a plain season.

Step 4- Consider values
she really values her instrument, and disney world, though she don't really give a lot of input about her wanting to do cheerleading.

Step 5- Make a decision/act
If I was Marie I would stay in band. I would because I've done it so long, ever since 5th grade. Also I really would enjoy Disney world. Though cheer I haven't done that long. So I would choose  band.

Step 6- Evaluate the decision
The outcome was good. It was because Marie got what she wanted, doing something she loves and a trip to Disney world.

Part 2
Steve made plans to go to the biggest time rival football game this Friday night. He already told his friends that he is going to meet his friends there. Now his parents are telling him to stay home to watch his little brother while they go see a long-time friend that they don't get to see often because they live far. Steve make the final decision. What should he do?

Step 2-
He can either go to the game and take his brother, or he can skip the game and let his parents got eat with the friend, or he can just go to the game and tell his parents not to go.

A possible outcome could be, making his parents happy, or having fun with his friends.

He can either value his parents meeting a long-time friend, or seeing his friends at the game.

I think he should go to the game and just bring his little brother with him. Then everyone would be happy.

The outcome was good. Everyone was happy, and the parents had fun with the friend.

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