Dicken's Dictionary

1. atheistical (adj): having characteristics of atheism, the belief that there is no God

  • Elaine attempted to blend into the non-religious crowd by appearing to be atheistical.
The atheist symbol

2. potentate (noun): a person with great power, such as a ruler, king, etc.

  • The potentate had Spain in the palm of his hands.
Queen Elsa of Arendelle

3. indignation (noun): offense, righteous anger towards something seen as unjust

  • The store manager's response caused her indignation towards the customer service grew.

4. cataleptic (noun): a physical condition characterized by muscular rigidity and loss of contact with the environment

  • The memory of her sister's death caused Elizabeth to become cataleptic every time she passed the park.
No connection with outer world

5. vociferating (verb): to cry out loudly, to shout

  • Eric's sharp vociferating caused the therapist to shudder in pain.
The Scream

6. squalid (adj): neglected, repulsive due to filth, miserable and degraded

  • The shack appeared squalid and reeked of a foul stench that no one would ever dare to enter it.
The Shack

7. coquette (noun): a woman that flirts often with men for admiration and affection

  • The coquette glanced at the young man standing alone and gazed at him until her eyes completely captivated him, calling him over to her.

8. vaunting (verb): to boast or to brag

  • All of the Cowboy's vaunting made the Packer's motivation to win grow, causing the Packer's to win their next game against them.
Vaunting about what he has

9. tanneries (noun): a place or building where skins or hides are tanned

  • After the cow was skinned, the hides were sent to tanneries before being processed.
Oldfashioned Tannery

10. dragoon: a member of a military unit composed of cavalrymen

  • The dragoons took control of the city to bring order.