With out motivation where will we be ?

YOU WILL BE without success

Definition  of  success :  To most people they think of motivation and success as two different  things. To me  success and   motivation   are like two side of a coin . You need to not want to give up  in order to reach a goal.  

This my view on life

Life is like a deck of cards and fate is the dealer.
Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live. by Johnny depp

The first thing you need to have to be successful  is a positive out look on life.The next thing is to have the willpower to never  give up . You may hit a rough point but when life knocks you down just calmly get back up and smile politely say you hit like girl  . But don't let everything bring you down. Once you have motivation  you will lead to success in you life .

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