* Federalists supported the Constitution. They advocated a strong national government but wanted to retain state prerogatives.

* The Federalists believed a bill of rights was unnecessary because the proposed national government had only the specific powers that the states and the people delegated to it. For example they thought there was no need to specify that Congress could not abridge freedom of the press when the people hadn't given the government the power to regulate the press. (This was a major difference between Antifederalists and Federalists since Antifederalists thought a Bill of Rights was necessary.)

* During the debate between federalists and antifederalists, "The Federalist" (essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay) to help support the Federalist side. It is still "regarded as the most profound single treatise on the Constitution ever written" and is considered "among the few masterly works in political science".

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