Panama has a population of 3.864 million people! There national language is Spanish. The Capital City is Panama City. They use Americas currency which makes it easy for travelers.

Panama is in between the countries Columbia and Costa Rica

Famous Places

Museum of Contemporary Art and Design:  Is a Costa Rican museum, specializing in contemporary Central American art and design, but also representing international work in the field.

Estadio Rommel Fernández: Estadio Rommel Fernández is a multi-purpose stadium located in Panama City, It is used for different sports, but mainly for the conduct of football games.

Bridge of America: The Bridge of the Americas is a road bridge in Panama, which spans the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal.

Local Expressions

Spanish: ¡esto es una ñameria! English: This is Foolishness

Spanish: ¡vamos de arranque!  English: lets go party

Spanish: ¡barriada bruja! English: a ghetto


Empanadas: Empanadas are fried flour or corn pastries stuffed with chicken, beef or pork, cheese, beans and/or potatoes.

Gallo Pinto: rice and beans, often mixed with pork and side of eggs.            


Chicheme: a corn-based drink with sugar, cinnamon and water.

Abuelo: a local rum which is usually served with cola and ice.         

Climate & Geography

  • Mild Tropical Climate
  • Average temperature is 72 - 91 degrees
  • Panama has mountains in the west, moderate hills, and low range towards the east coast.

Panama Video

This video shows the beauty and culture of Panama. Also many reason why you should go visit or live in Panama. It includes a lot of very interesting events that have happened. Another thing the video the talks about is the history of the country and how far they have came today. Also shows how much nature there is and exploring it. They talk about there airports and how much business they can receive because of the coasts/ports.

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