Congress Gives Final Approval to Aid Rebels in Fight With ISIS


Congress has been deciding whether or not to help out in Syria for days. But after days of debates, Congress decides that we will help the Syrian rebels. Now Congress is debating on whether to extend the training authorization or boarder authorization against the Islamic state. Some senators are worried about moving into aspiring war, while others are not. In the end it is long debate between the Democratic party and the Republican party within the Congress.

Ideals Related to the Story

Liberty plays a role in this article because it has to do of the events that are happening in  Syria. By helping the Syrian rebels we are helping them attain their liberty and freedom,etc. The other ideal that relates to democracy. Democracy is apart of this event because of course it is apart of our government/ how we govern our country. But it also has to do with the Syrians being able to rule themselves through the people and not an organization that rules with fear.

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