Alien Belief

are aliens real or are they not?

I personally believe in aliens. I don't have a reason besides the things I've heard people say and the headlines about aliens. Which caused me to strongly believe it was a real thing.

I don't know where this picture was taken or when it was taken but in this picture it is a picture with supposedly ''proof'' of aliens.

People all over the world claim that they have either been "abducted" by aliens or have seen an alien's "UFO." But not all have proof. Anybody can say they have seen alien life but not ,any people can prove it.


Alien controversy!

Articles all across the internet say that the government is just hiding alien life from us because they don't think were able to handle such big news. But how can the government hide that from us. They cant. Because if they did than people wouldn't be able to have proof that aliens exist. such as articles, videos, and pictures.


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