Gabe Spah S&E Marketing Final

Movie Poster Evaluation

This movie poster is one of my favorites I could find. The poster grabs my attention, hints on what the movie is about, and made me want to watch the movie. The poster has a large shocking image of Spider-man swinging from the web. The background is more of a dead color but Spider-man sticks out with the highlighted red and blue of his outfit. The poster also hints that hes a superhero and he swinging across the city with spiderwebs shooting from his hand and it just makes me wanna watch the movie. Also, everyone likes superhero movies so when you see a poster the unique spiderman you can't miss and it makes you think "I have to see what that's all about!" In conclusion, I would rate this poster a 10 out of 10.

Reaction to 30 seconds to Mars

Honestly, I think it was dumb of 30 seconds to Mars to resign with their original jerk record label. I know they ended up getting a way better contract but why sign with people who tried to sue you for 30 million dollars and put the band through all of that. Now they're making more money for that label when the label doesn't deserve it. I think they should have found a new appreciative company.

I believe that the band resigned because of everything else they would've had to go through if they took my route though. So really there is a lot of pros and cons to either route they take. I'm sure they thought of going solo but that would take sooo much more work.

In conclusion I think even though they would have to find a new company and go through all of the trouble instead of just staying and reconstructing the contract, I believe the best option for 30 Seconds to Mars would be to find and independent label and sign with them and leave the old cruddy label in the dust.

Amusement/Theme Parks Additional Value To Make People Spend More Money Or Stay Longer

If I ran an amusement park and wanted to present additional value so people stay longer or spend more money I would have day care for children for $40 dollars per day that adults can put for their kids in so they can go on rides and one doesn't have to miss out because one might have to watch the kids that are to small to ride. Typically parents don't like hauling kids around all day when they're at amusement park trying to have an exciting day. With the day care you can drop the kids off that will cost people but it will improve their experience so many people with kids will consider it. Some parents though don't want to just lay their kid around some cruddy place that has nothing to do for the children to enjoy but in the day care we would make a little kitty rides and a kitty water park that can be safe yet fun.

Amusement Park- Most Important Thing To Create Success For An Amusement Park

I believe people don't often come out to amusement parks often because its expensive, dirty, and typically are the same thing every time, so I think those would be three big things hit on and improve. Things they could do might be on of these. \/

Pricing: To make things affordable for everyone offer deals for people that buy tickets months before the park reopens for summer. This way if people really want to go but a have a strict budget, they still can go if they buy at certain time the discounts offered.

Dirty: Universal Studios in Florida does a good job of this. The park is like three square miles and they still manage to do a good job of keeping it clean. They do it buy not having a bunch of concessions around but have nice restaurants to eat in so garbage isn't being left around and that's what I think would be most effective.

Same thing: Changing the theme of the park can draw much more people like what valley fair does with valley scare. You need to change things so that they have more of a fresh appealing feel to them.

Movie Trailer Evaluation

This trailer makes much more sense if you have seen the first movie. If you know before watching this trailer that these apes had taken over the world and humans are trying to fight for it back, you can understand the hints to the climax much better.

The trailer does a really good job of adding excitement leaving a "I want more" taste in your mouth. The movie trailer is short but it gets the climax and the feel of the movie in from just a minute and a half video. I always have liked these animal movie where they can think like humans but keep there physical strength and do more than what humans are cable of and the humans have to stop them like in this movie as they reval in the trailer with more than just words.