Supporting a Family: Math Project

By:Regan Beagle
Everything is bought at Walmart


Dad: Long sleeve 2 pocket flannel shirt-$7.00+0.13=$7.91

Dad: Socks-$7.47+0.13=$7.60

Dad's shirt
Dad's socks

Mom:Running Shoes- $19.97+0.13=$20.10

Mom: Fleece zip-up jacket-$10.00+0.13=$10.13

Mom's Shoes
Mom's Fleece Jacket


Boy: Winter coat-$19.50+0.06-$20.67

Boy: Lego Movie Melting Room play set:$11.42+0.13=$12.90

Boys winter coat
Boys Toy Lego Set

Girl #1: Sparkly pink sweater-$10.00+0.06=$10.06

Girls#1: Dark color skinny jeans-$6.92+0.06=$6.98

Girl #1: Cra-Z-loom Ultimate Rubber band set-$8.72+0.13=$9.85

Girl #1: Flower Snap Clips-$2.96+0.13=$3.34

Girls Sweater
Girls Jeans
Girls Toy
Girl Acessory

Girl #2: Hat and gloves set-$3.94+0.06=$4.00

Girl #2: Outfit set- $8.00+0.06=$8.06

Girl #2: Socks-$4.94+0.06=$5.00

Girl #2: Learn and dance interactive Zoo-$12.88+0.13=$14.55

Toddlers Hat and Gloves
Toddlers Outfit set
Toddlers Socks
Child #2's toy



Vacuum for their house

2 throw blankets-$8.88+.13x2=$20.06

2 throw blankets for their homes.

1 Christmas Movie-$4.55+0.13=$5.14

Dolphin Tale 2-$15.34+0.13=$17.33

Kids Christmas Movies
Dolphin Tale 2 the movie

Hedbanz for Kids Board game-$7.97+0.13=$9.61

Hedbanz for kids Board Game

12-Piece Bath Towel and Washcloth Set-$15.99+0.13=16.12

12 Piece Bath and Towel and Washcloth Set

18 Piece Cookware Set-$39.97+0.13=$45.16

18 Piece Cookware Set

Overall Price Spent $298.83