How to Make the Best of a Rainy Day

By Skyla


  • 1x packs of glow in the dark sticks
  • 10x lemonade
  • 1x pumped up netball or basketball
  • 1x piece of 30cm string


  • Pour 1 cup of lemonade out of the lemonade bottle
  • Open all the box's full of glow sticks and snap them till they glow
  • A sort them in colour order (about 5-7 in each pile of glow sticks
  • Put the glow sticks in the lemonade
  • Put 5 lemonade bottle's at the back, 4 in front of the 5, 3 in front of the 4, 2 in front of the 3 and 1 and the top
  • Take ten big steps away in a straight line and put the string were you stop
  • Stand behind the string and try and hit the bottles with your ball
  • Enjoy!