Thing 3 Cloud Initiation

Quest 1 What is the cloud

The cloud has its advantages and disadvantages. Like if you lose your hard drive and have it on the cloud you can easily open it on a computer at your school but if you don’t have Wi-Fi you can’t access the cloud. So it is a reliable source but you need WI-FI to access the cloud and if you don’t have WI-FI you can’t pull your documents out of the cloud till you get WI-FI so it’s a win lose situation. Also if your computer gets destroyed you have all your data on the cloud so you can just get a new computer then download the files from the cloud. Or if your mom or your dad take the computer with them on a business trip you can easily access your files even when you don’t have the computer where all your files are saved so there are a couple of reasons why the cloud is reliable.

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