BMW Films: The Hire

BMW spent $17 million into a brand campaign that involves destroying its product. Fallon and BMW made a series of short online vidoes involving the car. BMW was the first in their industry to do this - four years before the launch of YouTube!

The project had multiple directors and at times it got tough, however BMW Films pulled through and launched the most important campaign in their company's history. More than five years later the design team and Jim McDowell were still reaping the rewards for their work.

Jim Dowell

Jim McDowell, then VP-marketing for BMW, had commissioned research back in 2000 that suggested web video could reach many more people than even a large traditional platform like a Super Bowl commercial.

Judge Rei Inamoto, VP-chief creative officer, AKQA, called BMW Films “the first big media event of 21st century marketing.”

“I was at Fallon for 25 years,” said Bruce Bildsten, who served as one of Fallon’s creative directors at the time after starting as a copywriter. “I don't think there's anyone at Fallon who wouldn't say this was the most important thing they ever did.”

                                      A new award was born: The Titanium.

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