The map of the whole world to show in perspective how large Canada is compared to the other Countries.

Canadian Tourism

  • Multiculturalism- Evolution of Culture diversity within a jurisdiction, introduced by the selected policies and institutionalized by its settlement policies.
Toronto, Canada. The most populated city in Canada.
  • Constitutional Monarchy- A type of Government where a King, Queen or Monarch rule and that also has a Constitution.


  • Separatists- People who want the province of Quebec to become is owns separate Country.
Jasper National Park, Canada.
  • Bilingual- People who can speak two different Languages.

Pierre Trudeau.

Pierre Trudeau.
  • Pierre Trudeau-  Led an effort to create a Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the Canadian Constitution.
Bisk Lake, Ontario Canada.
  • Refugees- People who flee a country because of war, Disaster or persecution of the law.
  • First Nation- Descendants of the original settles from any country.
Louis Creek, British Columbia Canada.

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