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February Edition

by Alexis A.

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Valentine's Day Plans

YES! That’s right, its that time of the year again. Love, hearts, and tears of joy are in the air. Ill be the one that gets you ready for this loving holiday.To kick things off, you need to hurry and get a special someone before its to late. If you don’t want the simple way to ask some out the Valentine Jacket Buck store will be held in the library on the 13th of February. Here you can buy all kinds of cute gifts for your valentine. Afterwards you can take your sweetheart to the wonderful MMS Valentine's Dance. This event will be held on Friday, February 13, 6:00-8:00pm in the cafeteria. Now that you know what the Mineola Middle School is doing for this holiday, you better start getting ready!

Article by: Crimisin Underwood

Valentine Cards

Valentine's Day cards are given to everyone. We get one from people we don’t know and from people we do know. Valentine cards are supposed to make you feel love, joy, happiness, and a lot of other emotions that I can’t explain. We get a lot of cards, but what about the children in the hospital?

Mrs. Witt, who is in charge of Student Council, has challenged the Student Council members to create cards for the sick children in the hospital. These cards will make the kids feel special and important. When they receive these cards there eyes will fill with tears and the emotions will go wild. It is a very nice thing to do and kind of the Student Council members to think of others that need some cheering up.

The MMS Student Council asks that YOU create some Valentine cards and they will make sure they get to those who need them!

Article by: Kaitlyn Burrell

MMS Fun Favorites

Something new this year are the MMS fun favorites. The categories will be: Most School Spirit, Most Athletic, Best Dancer, Best Dressed, Funniest, Most Likely to be a Model, Bookworm, Most Outgoing, Best Leader. Those are for all grades, we have three that are only for 8th grade which are: Mr. & Ms. MMS, Most Successful, and Most Changed. Students will vote for people who they think are fit these spots. Ballots will go out through Edmodo on February 2nd through a Google form.

Article by: Karina Bautista

Sports Beat: Girls

8th Grade Interview with Kiara Williams

Kiara Williams is the star player of the week. She played great at the game in Edgewood. Kiara is a starter on the A team and plays as a point guard. The A team recently won against Edgewood by three points. The score was 34-31. Without Kiara’s three pointer and the teams hard work they couldn’t have won!

Article by: Rachel Drennon

7th Grade Interview with Sabria Dean

Sabria Dean is in the 7th grade she is a participant on the 7th grade A-team basketball team. The A-team basketball girls are currently working on performing plays during basketball games. Sabria states, “ The team has progressed since the beginning of the year, we got better at handling the ball and running plays.” I asked Sabria, “how do you think you and your team are going to do at the district tournament?” “I think we are going to win,” she replies. “The 7th grade A-team is a hard working team, we practice everyday” she implies.

Article by: Cyndi Butler

Sports Beat: Boys

Interview with Kelby  Bruner

7th Grade Boys Basketball  Season Review

Article by: Preston Mosher

Club Beat

Junior Historians interview with Meghan Brewington

I interviewed Meghan Brewington for Junior Historians. I asked her why she wanted to be a Junior Historian member and she told me that she wanted to help people. Meghan’s in two other clubs, Builder’s Club and FCA. What made her interested in joining Junior Historians is that she likes giving back to the community. Meghan said she thinks she will be in Junior Historians until she graduates and encourages others to join Junior Historians.

Article by: Karina Bautista

Sky Ranch Retreat

If you’re in FCA then you’ve probably already heard of the trip to Sky Ranch. Every year around this time FCA members have an opportunity to take a trip to Sky Ranch. It’s $15 to join FCA and $50 to go on the 2 day trip. It’ll be February 21st and 22nd, Sky Ranch is located in Van, Texas and is one of the highest academically ranked Christian camps in Texas. For 20 years, they’ve delivered an amazing experiences for children, families, and schools all over Texas. Every year students look forward to the opportunity to go.

Article by: Madison Reardon

Academic Beat

AVID Field trip

Recently Avid went to UTA. For those of you that don’t know what UTA is, UTA stand for University of Texas at Arlington. Avid goes to different colleges every year to learn how the college operates. They also went to the Ronald Mcdonald House January 22 to drop off all of the can tabs that the school collected. I have asked none other than Brieanna Bethel, a local 7th grader, on what she thinks about Avid and the trip to UTA. She says that it was a great experience to learn about college techniques and loves being in Avid.

Article by: Faith Rodriguez

Model UN Interview withRiley Fowler

Riley Fowler is a 6th grade student and had been selected to be in United Nations, since the beginning of the school year. Riley is looking forward to his first UN competition!

Riley rejoices going to competitions. He has prepared for the competition by going over his speeches, creating pros and cons, and practicing talking in front of large groups of people. Another preparation Riley has done is he has prepared numerous projects including his resolution, multimedia presentation and a world issue collage.

Riley has been enjoying his 3rd period in UN, because he is able to challenge his mind! He is also excited when he is able to travel to competitions. Did you know Riley’s favorite country is Venezuela?

Article by: Jade Stockten

Student of the Month

Nathan Rojas

Nathan Rojas

Nathan Rojas is the February Student of the Month. His birthday is on March 12 and he is 11 years old. His favorite subject is math and favorite color is blue. He is involved in U.N and next year hopes to be in more groups. Outside of school he likes to play on his iPad and play soccer. His favorite sports team is F.C Barcelona and his favorite sport is soccer. He is the the child of Jesus and Angie Rojas and his siblings are Gabby, Leslie, Mathew. His hopes to go to Texas A&M and become a pro soccer player.

Article by: Tiara Stephens

Upcoming Events

School Holiday

For this February, there is not much going on, but we do get a day off! Monday, the sixteenth of February, we get to take off on our least favorite day of the week. So make sure you take advantage of that three day weekend. Have fun!

Article by: Devin Cormier

Valentine's Dance

Don't forget that Friday, February 13th will be the MMS Valentine's Dance from 6:00 - 8:00 in the cafeteria. Bring $3.00 to get in and some extra cash to buy snacks for you or your sweetie!

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