Moons im

Drake Cones


The moons importance.

The moon helps with high and low tides. The moon reflects light from the sun then shines it on earth at night. So we can see.

Sometimes the moon causes eclipses like the lunar and solar moons.

Solar eclipses happen when the moon is in front of the sun.

Lunar eclipses  happen when earth is in the middle of the moon and sun.


Full and new moons are always causes Spring tides.

Half moons always cause Neap or low tides.

Every 6 hours the wave height switches.

Spring tides are high  on 1 side.

Neap are even all around.

The moon has no atmosphere and a thin layer of water "ice".


The moon revolves around the earth and earth revolves around the sun.

The moon is what they call a natural satellite.

Something that goes around earth.

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