Learning to Teach
Day 27: Gallery Walk

Today was a very good day as it turned out. Today the students were presenting their group projects, however not in the traditional way. After talking to my host teacher and another teacher, we decided that the students would be presenting, but by doing a Gallery Walk instead.

A Gallery Walk is very similar to something you would see in a Museum or Art Gallery where people go to exhibit to exhibit getting the information. In my class, we did something similar. Each group had a computer and a station, there was two people standing at a station who were to give the presentation, then the other members of the groups were the ones walking around to try and fill out their question sheet the best way they could. I would time the students and give them 15 minuets then the partners would switch.

The students seemed very receptive to this idea, many who don't like presentations were more comfortable talking to a few other students rather than the whole class. This type of presentation also required all the members to know how to present the whole presentation, rather than just the two slides they worked on.

I really loved how today went, this was because while there was walking around and talking, a lot of the talking was actually the students staying on track and exploring more into the topics being presented. This really made me happy.

The only frustrating part was the fact that some students seemed to shine, while others seemed to just be going through the motions, reading off the slides, and not really "presenting". But, not many students will like everything us teachers do, but what counts is that all the students did their work, and most did have fun with the activity.

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