Understanding AR Parrot entry [1]

Drones are very help full for many reasons the milatary uses them and biologist use them.

You can get drones on devices like iphones tablets and kindales .

Understanding parrot drone [entry 2]

You control from a phone there is joy sticks .

If you have a gps system like a chip you can program a rout through a computer or

phone .

Ar parrot drone entry [3]

Today i flew a drone controles to go forward you have to tilt forward tilt back to go back tilt side to side and turn left  and right.

Ar parrot drone entry [4]

today we learned how to manuver the drone and land.

Ar drone entry (5)

drones  has a censer on the bottom that wen taking of automaticaly hovers 1 meter off the ground .

Ar drone entry (7)

Traking chip  . it is something you can atach to the top of the drone on your phone you can set a course for the drone .

Ar drone entry (8)

Here is me trying to fly the drone onto ducktape x'es. Dodging random people in the hall.

AR drone entry (9)

Today we are learning how to use the GPS tracking system 1 if you use the tracker system you get a map of whats around you 2 you draw a rout and set a hieght for the drone and speed .

AR drone entry (10)

WIth the drone broken we need a replacement cross brace to fix it .

Which is what the drone needs to fly.

Ar drone entry (11)

For me to fix the drone i need to replace the cross bar witch is what connects the propeller together.

AR drone (12)

Looking at diferent drones (13)

Ar Drone (14)

Quad copters like the drone we are flying have four different motors . each motor is conected to a main battery . The battery in the middel of the  quad . the battery also powers two sensers and one digital camera and one HD camera . the senser on the bottom detects how far the ground is from the ground .

Ar drone (15)
Last flight for project

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