Location: Gaza Strip, Israel


Hamas was founded in 1987. The type of people involved are Palestinians and refugees fighting for what they believe is right and punishing the people that disagree. This is a terrorist organization that controls activities and such going on in the Gaza strip as well as the West Bank. Hamas uses fighting and bombing people to get their points across. In addition Hamas has started creating a government by earning votes as a movement of protests and social services that they provide.

What is Happening ...

Hamas is continuingly growing and expanding. There seems to be now way stopping even cutting off trading and the buying/selling of goods hasn't stopped them. Hamas is still doing underground trading of weapons and ammunition. There has been continued fighting and killing of civilians because Hamas hides behind them trying to make it seem horrible that we are killing civilians. But the fact of the matter is that it is getting harder to identify soldiers as civilians or fighters. Hamas has a around 25,000 members but continues to grow over time. Its terrible what is happening over there that we do not see on the news.

The Goal

The main goal of Hamas is to create a government and destroy Israel. They are willing to kill thousands and thousands of people to make it all happen. They will not stop until the reach their ultimate goal. They believe that they are right no matter what and that Israel dosent deserve to excist.

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