Ashley Turner Doyle: Motherly Nature

Ashley Turner Doyle is a world-renown prize-winning writer, photographer and videographer who is standing proof that motherhood should now get in one’s way of adventure or of chasing their dreams. As the mother of two, she has found ways to grow her readership and her popularity congruently with that of her children’s ages.

Ashley Turner Doyle was formally educated at Loyola University in New Orleans before moving to Africa and seeking a career in travel writing. She first started by working on a piece in Rwanda and The Republic of Congo, studying the behavior of mountain gorillas in the region. She then traveled to Mumbai, India to study the city’s dabbawala culture. After that, she went to China to do a piece on the Chengdu Panda Research Center.

Ashley Turner Doyle’s work has appeared on well-known media outlets such as Lonely Planet, The Discovery Channel, Let’s Go travel books and the Weekly Reader. Her work has reached global audiences and she has been the recipient of multiple awards for her writing and photography.

As a proud mother, Ashley Turner Doyle has always enjoyed the company of children; and recently she has decided to implement that motherly nature more into her work. She is currently working on a collection of children’s poems, which she will compile into a book titled “The Beauty of Color”. She plans on releasing the book later this year through Dutton Children’s Books. Her dedication to being a positive influence on not only her own children but of others has remained consistent throughout her career.

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