Turn out your iPhone into a virtual reality headset With Pinć

Turn out your iPhone into a virtual reality headset With Pinć

Mobile users anticipate more and more of their smartphones. Mobile industry has had immeasurable leaps in cameras, 3D graphics and computing ability in devices over few years, but the chance of tapping into that computing power with the mobile screen size has increased by little by an inch. So, how would it be if you can use your iPhone as a virtual reality headset? Yes! Now you can step into your iPhone using Pinć.

Virtual reality experience:

Pinć is a case which converts your iPhone 6 & 6 Plus into a wearable device. This case which is integrated with a free companion app brings your vision into life. Pinć is the first virtual reality device that fits comfortably in your pocket while allowing you to use your iPhone as a VR headset with coherent controllers. Pinć is a revolutionary iOS platform which has been developed with the notion of multitasking, spatial computing and turning out shopping into a mesmerizing reality experience.

The device is modulated by optical control rings which are worn by users on their index fingers. LEDs on the rings are traced by iPhone’s camera which let wearers interact with the device conveniently. Using monopolized technology, the Pinć app uses iPhone’s rear-facing camera united with a fish eye lens which tracks the movement of green and red LEDs. It offers a floating UI which presents you with several interactive elements on invisible planes. The effect of this interface will be like, standing within an octagonal prism, with the apps on your device spread out horizontally.

Pinć uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to trace your head movements in the 3-D space. Your index fingers will be represented as two white circles which appear to move around the 3-D interface as though they are trapped within the invisible glass layers. You can move your hands freely towards and away from you and this movement in the Z-axis will not be reflected inside Pinć.

Objective of the device:

The aim of this device with the progress in mobile application development is to offer a simple and instinctive navigation with manipulation of the virtual environment. Similar to any other VR headsets, the number of available software’s certainly impacts on the device’s chance of getting a commercial success. So, the company is planning to release its own apps with SDK for this accessory while enabling third party support.

Supposing that the product’s crowd funding stab is eminent, the company is planning for its mass production with many more refinements like form factor of the rings, headset comfort and improvements on custom wide angle lens.

The product is presently looking out for funds through Indiegogo, with an attempt set to culminate on December 23. Price starts with $99 which the headset and optical control rings. For more info: Web Development Company in Liverpool

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