Touching Spirit bear: Final Project

By Abeejah, Nimreet, Randee And AyeAyeRon

15 year old Cole Matthews is a repeat offender, but things get out of hand when he smashes Peter Driscal’s head into the sidewalk. Cole is sent to a remote Alaskan island for 1 year, but what happens when he runs into the Spirit Bear ?

Ben Mikaelsen is a winner of the International Reading Association and the Western Writers of America Spur Award.

Ben and his wife, Melanie, live in a log cabin near Bozeman, Montana, with a 700-pound black bear they have adopted and raised for the last seventeen years.

The Touching Spirit Bear take's place in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in a small island in Alaska.

The theme is anger which cole learned to forgive

c) Garvey is a Tlingit indian parole officer from Minneapolis. He is the person who introduced Cole to Circle Justice. He is a Static and a Flat character like Edwin. He also trusted Cole when he started visiting him in the detention centre, but we do not know much about Garvey.

d) Peter Driscal is one of Cole’s victims. Cole assaulted Peter by smashing his head on a sidewalk after finding out that Peter had told the principal that he had robbed a hardware store. He is a Static and a Flat character.

Exposition - When Cole first arrives at the island

Rising Action - When Cole is attacked by the spirit bear

Climax - When he learns how to forgive when he goes back to the island

Falling Action - When Peter arrives in the island with his family

Resolution - When Peter learns to forgive Cole about his actions

The theme is anger which thought him to forgive

a) Cole Matthews is the protagonist of “Touching Spirit Bear”. He is a criminal and he has to participate in Circle Justice as his consequence. He is a Dynamic and a Round character. We know a lot about cole and his thoughts. He learns how to forgive and how to be invisible throughout the book. We are rating the novel 2 out of 5 stars.

  • Character vs Self- Cole struggled fighting his anger to everyone in the planet
  • Character vs Nature- Cole dealt with the nature when he got banished from his home to an island in Alaska
  • Character vs Society- He lived with his dad that beats him up everytime he gets drunk, and with his mom that does not care for him and wont stand for him.
  • major theme is learning to forgive
  • minor theme is self-exploration

We thought the book was good, but there were parts of the book that were quite boring and made us want to stop reading. Some parts really got to us and others made us want to throw our book against the wall. The moral of the story was supported by really deep quotes which brings out the moral much better.

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